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Minsk Legal Forum 2018


Minsk Legal Forum (MLF) is an entirely new conference format. It is more than a professional discussion; it is an informal meeting for lawyers from all over Europe. It is a platform designed for lively interaction free from scientific monologues.

We are proud of being one of the first to offer such a type of the event. It is already the FORTH time we support the idea of informal “get-togethers” for best attorneys, lawyers and partners of the largest law firms of neighboring countries. Last year we managed:

  • to gather an excellent company of more than 200 representatives of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States and Western Europe;
  • to hold a legal battle and a high-profile award ceremony in honor of the winners of the contest Best Law Firm Website 2017;
  • to stroll around old-new Minsk and enjoy its history!

What to expect in 2018?

Only more. Only better and even more non-standard.

There is just one thing that remains practically unchanged – the structure. The first day is for chilling out and getting to know each other. The second day is the main business day of the Forum with speeches and open-space discussions. The third is dedicated to the entertainment program (so far kept by the organizers in secret).


MLF 2018: Be in game! Play brighter!

The basic concept of this year’s forum is directly connected to such a concept as “game”, in all its splendor in relation to legal business.

New rules of the game in the world legal markets dictate us stricter requirements to conduct business in the conditions of constantly growing competition, including price competition. At the same time, competition is not always even between colleagues – law firms, but with robotic programs, applications, neural networks and other fashionable information and legal IT products, including artificial intelligence elements. All this is both frightening and inspiring. And this game is just beginning, and we are all the most active participants in it now. Especially those who will take part in the profile session of MLF on this topic.

Equally important aspect in building a successful legal business are partnership relations, their various kinds, formats, problems and prospects. This will also be the subject of a separate session at the forum, which, as always happens at MLF, should amaze participants with its frankness and practicality.

At the request of the workers, this year the “playing house” session will be presented for the first time, where a growing generation of lawyers from law firms of different countries will take part in. These fresh minds will communicate partners and managers of law firms their views on legal business from behind of partnership agreements – as honestly as possible.

This and much more – during three days of open, useful and friendly dialogue in the atmosphere of hospitable Minsk autumn. See you, friends!

Speakers 2017

(Русский) Модератор, гл. редактор
(Русский) АБ Бартолиус
Centil Law Firm
Axon Partners
(Русский) Tomashevskaya & Partners
(Русский) COBALT
QUORUS GmbH / Switzerland
Vasil Kisil & Partners
(Русский) Яблоков и партнёры
(Русский) Аспект
(Русский) Модератор, SP&P
(Русский) Нортия ГКС
(Русский) Vinder Law Office
Кульков, Колотилов и партнеры
Advice Group
(Русский) Spenser & Kauffmann

Forum program

18 october
  • 16:30 -17:00
    Meeting of the participants, welcoming coffee
  • 17:30 - 19:00
    Legal FuckUp Night: legal business failures that made you even stronger
    (Русский) Stand-up шоу про свои неудачи в бизнесе с вручением премии «Золотая ЮрКалоша» за лучшее выступление. Ведущие: Денис Саушкин (Россия), Ольга Просянюк (Украина)
  • (Русский) Стэндаперы
    (Русский) Юрий Заремба (Украина)
  • (Русский) Евгений Шестаков (Россия)
  • (Русский) Александр Степановский (Беларусь)
  • (Русский) Александр Забейда (Россия)
  • (Русский) Открытый микрофон
    (Русский) 2-3 выступления из зала
  • (Русский) 19:00 - 20:30
    (Русский) Ужин
  • (Русский) 20:30 - 22:30
    (Русский) Legal Voice
    (Русский) Legal Voice – это не караоке. Это живое исполнение под живую музыку! Благодаря усилиям постоянного партнера МЛФ – Юридической компании ЮрПартнерЪ и лично Антона Толмачева – в Минск приедут профессиональные музыканты – участники известных музыкальных групп, которые и будут аккомпанировать нашим юристам - исполнителям. 18 октября на суд общественности будут представлены 15 песен. Имена исполнителей держим в тайне, но они вам хорошо известны! Победитель будет выбран путем голосования.
  • 19:00 - 23:00
    Concert and party dinner
    (Русский) DJ Den (Денис Саушкин) presents
19 october
  • 08:00 - 08:30
    MinskLegalRun: light-version
    (Русский) Традиционная встреча самых спортивных жаворонков форума. В этом году тренировку проведет Анастасия Дашкевич - девушка, чей список побед впечатлит каждого: мастер спорта по лёгкой атлетике,тренер по бегу, победитель и призёр командного Кубка Европы в беге на 10 км; победитель марафонов в Варшаве, Далласе, Хардфортде, Кракове ; участница Чемпионатов мира по полумарафону и Всемирных студенческих игр; участница международных марафонов серебряного лейбла Рим -8 место,Вена - 6 место,Дюссельдорф - 5 место.
  • 9:30 - 10:00
    Registration, welcoming coffee
    (Русский) Ведущий – Андрей Ермолинский
  • 10:00 - 10:15
    Opening of the Forum
  • 10:15 - 12:00
    Mission №1: Competition, or What Is Occuring before Our Eyes
    (Русский) Сессия в формате "конкуренция поколений": "бывалые VS. молодёжь". Со-модераторы: Борис Болтянский (Россия), Иван Апатов (Россия)
  • (Русский) «Бывалые»
    (Русский) Юлий Тай (Россия)
  • (Русский) Умид Арипджанов, Казахстан/Узбекистан
  • (Русский) "Молодёжь"
    (Русский) Дмитрий Гадомский (Украина)
  • (Русский) Жанна Томашевская (Россия)
  • (Русский) Дарья Жук (Беларусь)
  • 12:00 - 12:15
    Coffee break
  • 12:15 - 14:00
    Mission №2: Partners Role Plays
    Session on Mission/Strategy and role of partners in achiving them
  • (Русский) Спикеры
    (Русский) Олег Макаров (Украина)
  • (Русский) Анна Бабич (Украина)
  • (Русский) Вячеслав Яблоков (Россия)
  • (Русский) Степан Матаев (Россия)
  • 14:00 - 15:00
  • 15:00 - 16:45
    Mission №3: Beautiful Mind
    Session on personal growth of partners
  • (Русский) Спикеры
    (Русский) Сергей Шкляр (Украина, ожидается подтверждение)
  • (Русский) Максим Корельский (Россия)
  • (Русский) Артем Абрамов (Россия)
  • (Русский) Аминат Сулейманова (Украина)
  • (Русский) Михаил Успенский (Россия)
  • (Русский) Максим Кульков (Россия)
  • 16:45 - 17:00
    Coffee break
  • 17:00 - 18:45
    Mission №4: Playing House. Mentoring and "View from below"
    Sesson on the development of fresh minds
  • (Русский) Спикеры
    (Русский) Антон Макаров (Россия)
  • (Русский) Дмитрий Семашко (Беларусь)
  • (Русский) Сергей Коновалов (Россия)
  • (Русский) Ирина Павленко (Украина)
  • (Русский) Евгений Пронин (Россия)
  • 18:45 - 19:00
    Final Words of the Official Part
    Summing up. Prize awarding
  • 19:30 - 23:00
    Buffet-Karaoke in Marriott. Contest «Legal Voice»
20 october
  • 10:00 - 16:00
    Surprise from the organizers
days left until
Minsk Legal Forum 2018



MLF's co-authors. The largest business attorneys at law team. Professional experience of SPP's specialists varies from 10 to 30 years. SPP is recommended by international legal guides, such as Chambers Global, Chambers Europe, Legal 500, IFLR 1000.

MLF's co-authors.
KIAP offers their clients the full range of the legal services most often required by today’s businesses. This is confirmed by recommendations in such international and Russian legal reference publications as Legal 500 EMEA, Chambers Europe, Chambers Global, Best Lawyers and Pravo.Ru-300.

Zabeyda & Partners is a Russian law firm that specializes in criminal law cases in the sphere of economical and corruption and malpractice. Besides that, together with foreign legal firms the specialists of the company consult clients on the issues of cybercrimes and international wanted notices.


ZKS represents business owners, top managers, company officers and public officials in criminal proceedings on charges of economic and white-collar crimes, safeguard businesses against the unlawful interference of law enforcement agencies and attempted or detected fraud.

Since 2009 the lawyers of the company have been solving problems of both individuals and legal entities. The team consists of  specialists with extensive knowledge in every law area. There are two main principles of their work work: rule of law and customer advocacy.

The company provides informational and legal support to more than 18 000 companies from all over Belarus.

QUORUS is a Swiss-Russian consultancy company, incorporated in Zurich (2016) and represented with a branch office in Moscow. QUORUS is unique in the sense that it informs, advises and accompanies clients in the realisation of their projects in close cooperation with renowned first-class experts, thus providing state-of-the-art services on the spot.
Three Partners form the backbone of QUORUS, providing it with diversified expertise and an extensive network in Switzerland and Europe as well as in Russia and Eurasia. The partnership is supported by two lawyers in Moscow and two full time assistants based in Zurich and Moscow respectively.

(Русский) Юридическая компания Vinder Law Office, основанная в 2009 году в Екатеринбурге, в 2011 году вошла в пятерку лидирующих юридических практик Уральского региона, затем получила признание национального юридического рейтинга Право.ру-300 и международных рейтингов Legal 500 и Chambers and partners.
Среди сильных сторон компании эксперты Chambers выделяют «решимость и преданность клиентам» и характеризуют команду цитатой из отзывов: «Они делают работу наилучшим образом, независимо от того, насколько она сложна».
Офисы в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге.

days left until
Minsk Legal Forum 2018